Terms & Conditions

Definition: “Terms” means terms and conditions set out below and overleaf which take precedence. “Company” means Coffee Lady Consultancy. The “Customer” means the person, persons or company taking out the agreement overleaf. “Services” means any services which the Company agrees to supply the customer.

Commencement and duration:  The commence date will be the date on the agreement when signed by the Company and Customer, who should be an authorised signatory/representative of the customer and will be for a minimum of 12 months unless otherwise stated overleaf. Notice of 3 months will be required by either side to terminate an agreement unless this agreement is done a signed Lease Document from a third party (the T&C’s of this company will apply to the lease)

The Customer will provide: The services required for the installation of the equipment being supplied prior to the installation date.This normally consists of a cold water supply(where applicable) – power points relevant to the amount of equipment being installed – waste water supply (where applicable). Drinking water connection requires a 15mm copper piping terminating into 3/4” BSP with stopcock (same as washing machine tap type fitting) – Electric Power 200/240 A.C Single Phase terminating into 13 amp outlet (unless otherwise advised at time of machine quote/order) – On some machines they can have a waste outlet which will need to have access to a either a bucket/water container or provide access to the mains waste pipe (if in situ). Provisions for access to services will need to be provided by Customer in the way off – counter top with access holes leading the service which maybe situated beneath the counter or in cupboard below. The Company can provided guidance/site surveys or supplier installation sheets to help with the process.

Service Terms: The Company will provide service as per the manufacturers warranty on the equipment provided and this may vary. Terms and Conditions of each supplier can be provided on request, but should be covered when quoting for equipment. The Company operator a normal Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 18.00. phone services otherwise you can email the Company – info@coffeelady.uk

Goods /Warranty: The Company provides goods in good faith and for the purpose of use in the machines supplied. Any concerns on goods supplied should be advised within 2 days of supply otherwise the Company may not be able to make a favourable decision for the Customer. Any equipment deemed to be modified or not using the advised ingredients /cleaning products will not be covered under any warranty or service agreement. The Customer must use the equipment in a careful and proper manner and comply to any laws, rules, regulations regarding the use, maintenance or storage of the equipment provided.

The following are not covered by the warranty or service agreements: Customer relocating equipment, Scale related problems, Waste pipe becoming blocked, if using containers/buckets that they should overfill, blocked milk tubes due to lack of cleaning or not using the correct cleaning products, general cleaning issues, accidental or deliberate damage including over tightening of steam and water valves, wrong ingredients being used in the machine (for instance Beans in Chocolate Hoppers), fire, water damage.

By signing this agreement you are bound by its terms and should you wish or need to cancel before the installation of the equipment for any reason you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the total invoice value. If purchased and the equipment has been installed he cancellation fee will also include a removal charge of £200 to £400 depending on the equipment, or if the equipment is leased you will be subject to the standard termination terms of the finance agreement signed.

Leased Equipment: By signing a lease from a third party company you adhere to their terms and conditions of which you will have seen prior to signing the documents. The equipment on lease is not owned by the Company or the Customer. At the end of the lease term, the Company will offer you the title the equipment and should you wish to accept this on receipt of that payment – title will revert to you the Customer. Should you not wish to take this offer out, we will arrange to remove the equipment at a cost of £250.00 or under the lease terms you can arrange to have the equipment delivered to a pre-arranged address given by the Company.

Installation & Training: The Company will provide Installation and Training unless otherwise stated and it is the Customers responsibility to make sure someone is available for training when agreed, usually post installation. Failure to do this, may incur further costs to re-book additional training. If the installation has to be aborted due to no fault of the Company or the Supplier of the equipment – an aborted call charge will be implemented and they vary from supplier to supplier. Setting up the machine is also done at the time of installation and the Company will ensure that the Customer and their staff have tried drinks – any call to adjust the machine, again can incur further charges as this is deemed a service call to most machine suppliers.

Deliveries: The Company will arrange delivery of the equipment (usually by courier from supplier) and it is the Customers responsibility to check the packaging, report any damage immediately or refuse the delivery if the Customer concerned, but we would need to advise the relevant supplier of this before committing to returning the products. Ingredient orders must be checked and again report to the Company any damage or concerns you have and supplier photo evidence or allow the Company to inspect the goods. Any short falls in delivery of items must be reported within 12 hours. All goods remain the property of the Company until full payment is made.

Minimum order for goods is £100 for free delivery. Orders under this incur a £8.50 – £10.00  carriage charge (depending on weight and location)

Price and Payment: The Company will access the payment terms for each Customer and advise when setting up a new account. Equipment will be paid upfront or if leased, will be order on the receipt of the signed documents being returned to the relevant leasing company. Only then will the Company place the order with the supply of the equipment. Payment of any invoice will be deemed as acceptance and the Customer will then be in agreement and abide by the T&C of the Company and Suppliers of the Equipment. If the Company allows a credit limited for goods, this will be strictly 30 days from date of invoice. If this is not paid within the T&C then an interest charge of 5% will be implemented and it may also affect the supply of goods going forward. Any goods the Customer wishes to return (as long as agreed and in good / unopened condition) a handling charge of 15% will be applied. Once goods or equipment have been delivered and are received by the Customer, these then become their responsibility for loss, damage or misuse and payment of goods or the Company will look to recover the goods in accordance with the agreement. This will also apply to any equipment leased as this equipment is not in anyway owned by the Customer or Company.

Termination: The Customer will give the Company reasonable time to put right any issues or grievances that arise and discuss with both parties to resolve in an amicable manner. The Company can terminate the contract with Customer at any time for failure to pay for goods as per agreement – they are in breach of the agreement and do not resolve it within 28 days or has failed to put the grievance in writing – a change of ownership or control of the Customers and the Company has concerns for the business going forward – an administrator has been appointment or the company becomes insolvent . Any loss the may be incurred buy the Company an early cancellation fee will be implied or compensation claim which will start from the date of any  early cancellation date. Any variation by either party will need to be put in writing and agreed before being implemented.

Cancellation from the Customer must be acknowledged and confirmed by the Company.

General: The Company does not accept responsibility for any failure caused by circumstances outside their control, such as Acts of God, war, floods, abnormal weather conditions, fire, failure of electrical supply, Government action or regulation, delays or shortage of materials, labour or manufacturing facilities or failure or delay of the Company’s suppliers.

The Customer must not assign or transfer the contract or any part of it without the Company’s prior written notice and acceptance.

The Company reserves the right to correct any clerical or typographical errors or omissions in any sale or promotions literature, price list, order, invoice or other documents issued by the Company without any liability. Any general discrepancies  contained in any of the above relating to goods and/or services will not form a representation or part of these Terms or any Contract.

The Company has in place Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. Certificate available on request.