My Story

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My mission is to consistently deliver high-quality coffee machine consultation and services that exceed customers’ expectations, establish exceptional customer relationships, and create win-win scenarios for everybody involved.

My Philosophy

The core of my philosophy lies in providing a service that goes beyond organisational expectations, driven by a hands-on approach to streamlining processes and improving organisational performance. With my extensive knowledge of various coffee machines and an unwavering commitment to refined communication, teamwork, and trust, I identify underperforming areas and create technological enhancements to ensure success.

Whether it’s troubleshooting problems over the phone, training customers, consulting on requirements, managing lease arrangements or maintaining service plans, my passion lies in delivering exemplary customer satisfaction. I strongly believe that believing in your product will inspire customers to believe in you, underlining the importance of positive attitude and expert knowledge in cultivating trust and long-lasting relationships.

About Jan

Having worked for over 35 years in the business, I have gained incredible experience in establishing new business units, implementing best practices, and initiating and applying improvement initiatives. I am recognized for my friendly communication style, directing cross-functional and multicultural teams with a strong focus on promoting staff morale and brilliance.

My positive attitude reflects when I speak to customers, I believe in my product and my customers believe in me.

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