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Coffee Machine FAQ

I would ask what type of coffee machine do I need? This can be different to what you want?

Some machines only come as tanked options. Otherwise as long as you have a cold water mains water inlet within appro 1-2 meters of the where your coffee machine is going – you can have a plumbed in machine (requirements would be confirmed)

A lot of bean to cup machines do not have the facility to produce hot chocolate – so this would be a good point to know at the time of discussing with customers.

There is absolutely no point in quoting for a machine that will not fit in the space where you want it to go? Are you putting the machine under kitchen cupboards? Have you taken into account milk fridge units etc? Site Surveys good to have if you can arrange?

Realistically how many drinks a day do you need as this will make a difference to the type of machine you require. We would not supply a machine that recommends 50 cups a day if you were regularly doing 100 per day, the machine would not cope and you would invalidate any warranty. 

This varies from machine to machine and the menus can be quite comprehensive with some machines doing chilled milk and dual milk.

If you require the machine to vend hot water, most machine have this facility but it will and can make the machine struggle if you are using lots of hot water. If you are using a lot of hot water I would recommend using a separate water boiler – we can provide these.

Yes definitely for all machines and I will take you through the process and make sure we get all the relevant information required to put a proposal to the finance company.