FRANKE Cleaning for all Franke Machines


Daily Cleaning

  • Cleaning Tablets for your daily cleaning of the machine – Quantity 1 x 100 Tablets 2.3g per Tablet – £22.50
  • Cleaner Solution for Milk Systems for daily cleaning of milk unit – Quantity 1 x 1 Litre –  £15.00

Suitable for all MSEC Series Machines

  • Cleaner Solution Cartridge for FoamMaster Machine for daily cleaning of milk unit – Quantity 1 x 1 Litre –  £35.00
  • Quarterly Cleaning Packs for MSEC Series Machines (includes 4 x 1L Solution & 1 x 100 Tabs) – £114.80

Suitable for all FMCM Series Machines

  •  Descaling Solution integrated Cartridge for A300 Machine – Quantity 1x 440ml – £29.00
  • Quarterly Cleaning Packs for FMCM Series Machines (includes 5 x 1L Solution Cartridges & 1 x 100 Tabs) – £160.00

All prices quoted are Ex Vat (Min order value of £100 for free delivery)

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With all coffee machines, cleaning is an important part to keep the machine working at optimal performance and giving it long-lasting protection. Not using the recommended cleaning products and at the instructed times, will cause cleaning issues and in turn invalid warranty – cleaning issues are not covered under manufacturers.

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